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Extra Large Rooms

Rooms fitted with cozy heating and cooling fans, comfy all year round

High quality room service from experienced and qualified staff

Plenty of space to jump, hide and play

Time To Relax and Unwind


Our newly expanded Cattery has been designed with our guests needs in mind.

Rooms with a view, classic music and plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy. Within the pens the cats have tempting toys to play with, shelving to climb and comfy pillows to snuggle under. They even have individually heated sleeping areas for those that want the perfect holiday tan!


The Cattery has a separate food preparation and storage area which leads through into a secure "living room" style corridor - At the end of each visit, we leave one pen open to allow for play and investigation within the fun filled corridor space!. 

For comfort our pens are split level, individually heated for those colder nights and fitted with fans for those hot summer days!

The cats are visited a minimum of three times a day, play, fuss and cuddles included. Our guests love the room service!

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