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  • What should I bring?
    We ask that you bring your pets own food. This helps to settle your pet in and prevent any upset tummy's! Bedding (optional). Some pets like to have that little something that smells of home. We do however have plenty of bedding to make your pet feel more comfortable. Proof of recent vaccinations - this can be their vaccination certificate or invoices from their vet Toys! - we do permit your pets to have toys in their pens, but please be aware they may be unsupervised at times, so must be safe...dogs also tend to have a habit of sharing their toys with their friends, so try not to bring anything too special :)
  • What vaccinations should my dog have?
    Vaccinations for Dogs Your dog must have had is last routine vaccines within the last year to stay with us. Routine vaccinations for dogs usually protect against Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Distemper. Many dogs receive these vaccinations as puppies and then further booster vaccinations throughout their lives. Most vaccinations need annual boosters. You should check with your vet when your dog's boosters are due. If your dog has not been vaccinated before, then they cannot be boarded in kennels until 7-14 days after vaccination. We do not require your dog to have had the kennel cough vaccine. If you do choose to give your dog this vaccine they cannot stay with us for up to two weeks after as the vaccine is LIVE and can be passed on.
  • What vaccinations should my cat have?
    Vaccinations for Cats Different combinations of vaccinations are available for cats, so you will need to check with your vet what diseases your cat is protected against. Most vaccine combinations protect against Cat Flu (Feline Herpes and Feline Calicivirus) and Feline Infectious Enteritis (Feline Panleucopenia). Your cat may also be protected against Chlamydia and Feline Leukaemia Virus. All vaccinations require annual boosters and cats cannot be boarded if they have not had their annual vacciantions within the last year
  • When can we drop off/ collect our pet?
    We are open for reception 9.30-12 and 3-6 every day (this may vary around xmas and new year). If you wish to drop off or collect outside of these hours please discuss with a member of staff and we may be able to sort this out for you :)
  • How do I pay?
    Payment can be made on drop off or collection using cash or card. For our regular customers we can arrange bank transfer.
  • Do you need to pay a deposit?
    No deposit needed :)
  • At what age can you accept a pet for their holidays?
    We can take your pet as soon as 2 weeks after their second dose of vaccines!
  • What if my pet needs medication?
    We are more than happy to administer any medication that your pet is on. You are not charged for this service as all pets are provided the highest level of care as standard. Please tell us on drop off what your pet needs/ at what time of day/ and how much. We have fridges to keep medication cold if needed.
  • Can you store raw food?
    Yes! We have fridges and freezers for storage of fresh foods.
  • Can we come to visit?
    Yes! You're welcome to come and have a look around any day between 9.30-12 and 3-6. No appointment needed! :) We look forward to meeting you!
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