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4 Field Walks a Day

Accomodation designed to best suit your pets needs

Highly Qualified + Experienced Staff

5 Star Care


Providing high quality, fun filled holidays for your dogs


Our spacious, bright and warm accommodation is divided into three individual blocks.
We have a big dog corridor providing extra large kennels with views over our dog walking fields, a small dogs wing; warm and cosy for those smaller paws, and a warm and welcoming wing for all those in between!

We also have six comfortable private kennels for those who prefer their own little haven. 

With all these options it allows us to provide the best accommodation for our guests individual needs. 

All our kennels come with great room service! Our highly qualified staff are here to provide fun, entertainment and cuddles throughout the day.

We have so much to offer and can tailor holidays to best suit your pet;

Older guests are able to meet likeminded OAPs, take gentle strolls around our smaller fields, or play sniffy games in the comfort of their own kennels,

The more energetic are able to run, play and sniff freely around our large play paddocks , with other bouncy friends, or simply 1 on 1 for a game of fetch with staff.

We provide on or off lead walkies, individually or in small social groups, for play time, long runs, sniffy walks and relaxing strolls at least four times a day.


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